Monday, 27 February 2017

Good morning everyone,

Here are the measurements and assembly lay out for the die storage box that I made in Fridays show.

Measurements and assembly lay out for die storage box

Before assembling, cover the inside of the spine and fix the mechanism.
Stick the base and top to the spine-leave 1/8" gap either side of the spine to form the hinge.
Next stick the sides of the top and base to the outside edges, and then the sides opposite the spine will go along the outside edge of the base /top  and across the ends of the sides already fitted.

Line all raw edges and internal joins with black construction tape, or picture framing tape (which you can paint or use alcohol markers to alter the colour. 
Paint either the complete box inside and out with black gesso and allow to dry or use black card stock to line inside and out before decorating.
Use clear plastic sleeves with magnetic sheets to hold your dies.
To store stamps  replace the magnetic sheet with acetate (use a strong one) or stamp out your images on card stock, then laminate and use the laminated sheet to hold your stamps, but I recommend putting the laminated sheet inside a plastic sleeve.
Hope you enjoy making it, please let me know how you get on.
Have a good week.


  1. Thank you Maggie. I would love to make the huge journal that Leonie liked on Hochanda.

    1. Thanks Sarah, so glad you liked it.....I'm hoping to start a you tube channel very soon where I'll be able to show you how I made it.
      I'll post a few pictures tomorrow of that album, it did take a while to make.