Friday, 1 September 2017

Good morning everyone,

How about using thermal paper to create amazing background effects?
I've been using black thermal cartridge paper/film from an obsolete fax machine, so if you have a fax machine which is no longer being used, take out the cartridge and get crafting.
I used the film, shinier side down and lightly held it against some card, then heated with a heat gun. The effects are very quick to achieve.
Try scrumpling up the film before you heat it, or just apply to a small area, or reapply in an area that you want darker to create a stronger contrast.
Colour the card beforehand with different mediums or after you have applied the thermal film, many different effects can be created.
Here are some of my first results.

Coloured shapes with wax crayon first, then thermal film applied.

Coloured card with sparkle pens, applied the thermal film, then pixie powders spritzed afterwards .
Acrylic paint applied first, allowed to dry then thermal film added.
Thermal film applied first, then distress oxide added afterwards.

Distress inks applied direct to card (not blended), dark to light colours, then thermal film applied.

Distress inks applied (blended) first, before thermal film.

Distress inks applied, blended and  spritzed, then thermal film applied.

Plain white card with thermal film applied  on top.
Sue made this lovely card using the black and white background.......It's fab Sue!

I had a lot of fun making these backgrounds and experimenting, 
what I like best are all the different effects that are produced. I'm sure there will be many more things to mix and match........... so watch this space!

Thanks for dropping by and have a good day,

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