Thursday, 26 April 2018

Good morning everyone,

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments that you've sent me about the albums featured on the shows.
By request, here's some hints and tips for pocket and pocket flap making.

When you have made up your base page pockets, label each page, with the page number, orientation and where the hinge side will be; do this for all the pages before starting any decoration. I use Scotch low tack tape, as it is reusable, paper based and easy to write on and the glue does not seem to cause any damage.

Pockets are great for providing "cubbyholes" for all your precious bits and pieces. They are also good if you have a limited amount of decorative paper as you can do several on one page, all different widths with different papers.
Pockets and flaps can be left with straight edges, you can also use decorative edge dies or border punches.
When cutting the decorative papers I reduce the measurements by 1/8" which provides a neat border.

Remember: Measure twice, cut once and make sure you have the paper right way up.
                    Stick your magnets before sticking on the  decorative paper.

Vertical: Cut your card stock the width you require, with the depth needing to be the depth of the base page, i.e. if your page measures 8" x 6" (landscape layout) then the depth will be 6".

Horizontal: Cut your card stock the depth you require, with the width needing to be the width of the base page, i.e. if your page measures 8" x 6" (landscape layout) then the width will be 8"

Pocket flaps: Decide if you want a vertical or horizontal pocket, making sure that the flap does not open onto the hinge side as it may not open out flat once in the completed album, this depends on the type of spine hinge you have used. Measure the card stock as above but add an extra 1/2" along the side that is going to attach to the page. Score in 1/2" and fold over creating a "tab" for the flap to attach to the page; apply double sided tape to the outer side of the fold over tab. With the flap facing up and the tab folded over underneath with the double sided tape on the outside of the tab, line up exactly along the page edge and stick down firmly. Make sure it lines up exactly before sticking, otherwise it will not sit straight when closed on the page. Use Collall all purpose glue over the double sided tape if you want some wiggle room, then burnish the stuck down tab.

Attach the pocket flap before sticking decorative paper so the tab will be hidden; it's also a good idea to cover both sides of the flap with decorative paper before sticking to the page. (don't forget to stick a magnet on first). If you wish you can trim a small amount of each tab corner, to provide a very neat finish however do not trim too much off as it may weaken over time. Do not stick the tab inside the pocket of the base page as this can cause problems when attaching the page to the spine or trying to slide in page tabs.

I hope this all helps, and please if you're stuck or have a question, just get in touch and I'll do my best to help.

Thanks for dropping by,

Stockist low tack artist tape

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